October 18, 2021


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‘Cocaine’ Movie Goes Global

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From beginning to end, “The Drug King” is an entertaining movie. The acting is all-time strong, and there’s an intriguing story behind everything that happens. It is often lost in the usual clichés as well as the tired characters and unfinished plot elements that the film can become sometimes repetitive. The main issue is simple to solve, but it could also be that the characters are more complicated than most people think. The film is an enjoyable action movie with some very likeable characters.

ดูหนังซับไทย Russell Brand stars as the main character, David Kleinfeld, who is transformed from a low-life drug dealer to the kingpin of the drug trade. His uniqueness is due to several factors that include his street savvy and determination, his skills at manipulating and, of course the wealth that allows him to take on the terrifying role of a drug kingpin. Kleinfeld is convicted of murder in 1968. He claims to be just an ordinary person who does “what people do”. He is wrongly sentenced to 18 years before turning himself in to police to confess to the crime.

Brand plays David Kleinfeld, the most morally upright person you could ask to lead. We soon learn that the reason is that his family was suffering from hunger during the Korean War, forcing him to work in order to provide them with food. He returns home to find his family dead and realizes he must overcome his circumstances to make an impact in his life. He decides to launch his own drug company, making use of his connections and wealth to help him succeed.

Although David Kleinfeld may appear to be a nice person in the film, we soon discover that he is not able to succeed until you subliminally convince South Korean police and American agents that he is a drug lord. Once he has successfully made the case, he attempts to convince authorities that he is innocent employing the various methods that are available to him. One of his methods for convincing involves laying a false trail of evidence that can lead authorities the wrong way.

A major theme of the film is the loss of trust between police officers and the drug kingpin. It is interesting to observe that this theme is apparent throughout much of south Korea’s recent history, where the previous regime was widely accused of corruption and inefficiency. Although Kim Il Sung’s optimism seemed to have overtaken the country at first, corruption soon overtook it. This is the lesson to learn: Although the government may appear to be doing well initially however, it’s often on the people (led mostly by the song yang ho) to clean the house.

While the film is set in and around Seoul, many viewers have criticised it for its heavy concentration on the characters from the North. The characters even made their own TV commercial with the same theme, playing over Kang-ho, the song in North Korea for “cocaine.” While some have suggested that this was merely a commercial for the film however, others have pointed out that the drug kingpin is wearing the identical outfit which is an official North Korean prison uniform, which is identical to uniforms of the elite soldiers. While there have been rumors that Kim Jong-il was absolutely obsessed with the idea of wearing the same clothes however, nobody is certain.

The film received a warm reception regardless of what critics think. It depicted the daily life and struggles of a North Korean citizen living under a corrupt government. For those of us who live outside the peninsula, the fact that there are scenes of buses being used to transport prisoners across the border, while the song performed by the “Doo-si” girl is played at the same time is a fascinating reminder of the human condition. The film does not discuss the issue of drugs in detail however the meaning is evident. Of course, the question of how much influence the Chinese political system has over its people cannot be answered without referring to the current situation.

The American public will continue to pay attention to the film “Cocaine”. It remains to be seen if it highlights the growing problems in the relationship between the West and America with drugs. It remains to be seen whether the Chinese government will view the film as an attempt at covering up the Chinese role in the drug trade. Perhaps the public will be more aware of the connection following the rise of the Korean Yakuza boss.

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