September 27, 2021


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Beasley reveals playing 3 playoff games with broken leg.

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Buffalo Bills experience wing Cole Beasley has revealed that he played a playoff game despite having had a broken leg in the past three games UFA.

Cole Beasley

Buffalo Bills small outside wing Cole Beasley has revealed that he played for the last three weeks of last season. This includes the AFC championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs with a fracture of a leg. According to reports from the NFL Network on Monday. 

It was terrible in the first game I played. But after that you take a few pills and it gets better UFABET.

The 31-year-old veteran wing added the injury was not a full break. But made him feel uncomfortable in the winning game. The Indianapolis Colts round ‘Wild-Card’ and the pain wasn’t so bad in the Baltimore Ravens quarter-finals. And do not see clearly from the injury in the AFC championship game with the chief of the tribe

Playing with a broken leg is incredible, as it takes a strong mind and pain tolerance and a strong desire to help the team.

There’s no way I will miss a play-off game. Beasley said after receiving 14 balls total for 145 yards in three play-off games with the injury.

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