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films from the Golden Globes from 1990-2015

Inside Out

Inside Out, 2015

Won 1 award from the Golden Globe Awards in 2016,
won Best Motion Picture – Animated (Best Motion Picture) in the last year. Stories of various emotions Of mankind, which is happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and the small voice that resides in the head of all of us. Guaranteed in one word that it looks good both young and old.

The Martian, 2015

Received 2 awards from the Golden Globe Awards in 2016,
plus a super movie that many people must not miss, such as The Martian, which can win 2 awards, guaranteed fun. Mars Survival Story To live on this planet alone without help. Throughout the story, it is filled with fun, excitement, and imagination. You can call this story with all the emotions that anyone can not miss by HOLLYWOOD HDTV is brought to watch as well (can be viewed on the service from January 20 onwards),

this is some of the movies. Won the Golden Globe Awards only for good movies. Much more that has received awards from this list by HOLLYWOOD HDTV has collected many good movies, fun movies that have received many more awards in the GOLDEN GLOBE MOVIES collection for you to watch here. Movie Hd

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