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Choose the right sealant material for use.

Know the tile grout before use.

Know the tile grout before use.

Tile grout It is a type of cement that has been manufactured to fill the gaps between the joints of each tile. It is a powder and will mixed with water during use. Which will come in a variety of shades to meet the needs of even more applications Which is divided into 4 types:

1. Silicone is a type of sealant that characterized by its high elastic properties. Can used for a wide variety of applications on different materials. And is also very resistant to UV rays And with good adhesion performance, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

If you want to use silicone that dries quickly. Suggest that silicone containing acidic silicone should be used. Despite the smell of some rancid, it has properties that can dry out quickly. In terms of materials that are metals or natural stones. Suggest that an acid-free grout should used. This will help in the adhesion better than the acidic type. They are also more flexible and odorless. 

But it is less effective in binding than the acidic type. As well as dries more slowly Which most commonly used in home sanitary ware Including a variety of kitchen counter tops and glass. Available in both light and dark colors that blend beautifully with the material.

2. Polyurethane, commonly known as PU, is a type of grout that has high elastic properties. It is also strong and durable and will not shrink after drying. Can used both outdoors and indoors. It most commonly used to cover joints between building structures. 

It can also be used to cover joints of various materials such as wood, aluminum, steel, glass, polycarbonate or metal sheets, and can also be painted over for beauty as well.

3. Modified silicone It is a sealant that combines the properties of PU and silicone together. This makes this type of grout stand out with its high performance and flexibility. Can block UV rays well. But at the same time, it can be painted over for beauty like PU. 

With high adhesion properties Therefore, it can used to bond almost any material, even metal. Because there are no harmful acids that cause a reaction between metal materials 

4. Acrylic grout is somewhat less flexible than other sealants. They made from hydrocarbon materials that require water as a solvent in their use. Suitable for use as a beautiful concealment of joints. It also has the ability to finish the work and paint over it for beauty as well. 

But effective in holding not that much Therefore it is not suitable for use in wet areas or outdoor areas. Because acrylic is not resistant to the heat of sunlight. And if in a wet area, the grout will not harden for use to adhere as it should. ออกแบบบ้าน

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