September 27, 2021


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Rudolph insists on making worthwhile work from Vikings.

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Kyle Rudolph, a 31-year-old veteran of the Minnesota Vikings, insists he does the wages for every cent. Even with poor performance last season and may be asked to cut wages or leave the team.

Kyle Rudolf

‘Of course I am with the truth. I can see both sides, said Kyle Rudolph. If I were (the team owner) Wilf, if I were (general manager) Rick (Spillman) I would view this situation as’ Hey, we pay. The money gave this man a lot and you didn’t spend him. So why do we keep paying so much money for him? UFABET’ 

‘With what I said so I think I am worth every cent in my contract. That doesn’t mean I take advantage of my talent and I take advantage of what I do well. So it will be interesting in the coming months. I still have a 3 year contract. I don’t want to go anywhere else. Of course, it’s not something I’ve done well in any stage of my career. Maybe it was high school because I was bigger than the others. But even so, I just want to run around and get the ball. ‘

In 2019, the Vikings extended a four-year, $ 36 million contract with Rudolph just two months after qualifying Erf Smith Jr. to the team as a second-round draft, with the veteran wing set to accept. In 2021, $ 9.45 million. If the Vikings cut Rudolph, the team would save $ 5.1 million and $ 4.35 million to die. 

Rudolph took the ball only 28 times for 334 yards and made a touchdown. Which is the lowest career result of playing 12 games in the 2020 season. I saw where our attacking team was going who had 7 or 8 hits in the first six games. I was really ridiculous. I’m a real blogger all the time. ‘

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