September 27, 2021


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‘Pritchard’ Rookie Celtics rest for at least 2 weeks after knee injury.

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Peyton Pritchard

Boston Celtics‘ Peyton Pritchard Rookie injured his right knee and had to rest at least two weeks. UFA

The Boston Celtics revealed on Saturday that Peyton Pritchard would miss out on the court at least two weeks. After Rookie guards suffered a level 1 right-knee injury in the right-knee MCL from a defeat at Fiji. Philadelphia Seventy Sixers 110-122 on Friday. 

Pritchard was taken off the field two quarters after teammate Jay Lane Brown fell on his right leg. Before the Celtics decided to remove him from the game for the remainder and card. Rookie could only cheer his teammates on the sidelines. 

The Celtics picked Pritchards as the No. 26 drafts in the NBA drafts last November. He took part in head coach Brad Stevens’ rotations, averaging 7.7 points, a three-point shot down 42.5 per cent, coming in as a substitute for Kemba Walker during an injury. During the first few weeks 

Jason Tathum has been in NBA protocol and has missed out on the past four games and questioned whether he will be ready for Monday away at Chicago Bulls Also, the Celtics do not have a second-year Romeo Langford, who is still in rehab after right wrist surgery in the close of last season.

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