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The Steelers beat Raven’s 7-0 unbeaten record

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers Intercept backer Robert Spillen, running a 33-yard touchdown run from the start of the game, defeating the Baltimore Ravens. 28-24 on Sunday

Pittsburgh Steelers used a tough defense against their AFC Division rivals over the Baltimore Ravens 28-24 after Lamar Jackson lost two Interceptions and one. That was a ‘pick-six’ since the first drive. 

Jackson lost his turnover since the first drive after being hit by Steelers’ Interceptor Robert Spillen line back for a 33-yard touchdown run before Inter. Sepn to Alex Heismith early third quarter Throughout the quarterback game, Rovens threw a compound 13 of 29 times for 208 yards and made two touchdowns.He also held 16 more runs at 65 yards, rating just 63.6. 

Outside wing Willie Sneed received the ball 5 times, 106 yards, no score. While running back J.K.Dobbins carried the ball for 15 runs at 113 distances, while Gus Edwards carried the ball 16 times for 87 yards and scored a point. 

Side Ben Rothlisburger Quarterback Steelers threw a COMPLETE 21 of 32 for 182 yards, 2 touchdowns and no intersent. The two scorers were the winger Erik Ebron and the off-wing Rookie Draft Round 2, Chase Claypool, while running back James Conner carried the ball 15 times 47 yards, making 1. Touchdown 

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