September 27, 2021


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“Steph” encourages Pao to stop prejudice Draymondsen chasing Nicks

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Triple take: Steph Curry is back to being Steph Curry as Warriors rout the  Spurs -

Golden Storm Warriors Stephen Curry Point Guards urged NBA referees to stop being prejudiced against his team-mate Draymond Green as an outcry. Bad mouth Because in some cases, this frontcore was pure intentions, but was fired like the last Thursday’s defeat in New York Knicks. UFABET

Aesthetically, the Chase Center Warwickshire Hoosiers defeated 104-119 score may not be an issue as drama Judge John Butler mistakenly putting greens because damn rude outcry did not stop on the court. 1:04 minutes left, second quarter  

Until the black shirt second year experience understood that swearing at him. So the technical foul was distributed and it was the second time of the green after it had been acquired once in the first quarter. As a result, the 30 year old band was automatically fired. When trying to explain, it didn’t work. Causing the front court third degree championship la the gang plummet into the locker room

“The reason why you reporters ask Green has such a bad reputation that it affects young referees ? Perhaps because there is an apocalypse. But the idea that you should never judge a game. We are all grown up. So you should judge the game according to the situation at the time. He was just talking to his teammates. But it made the judges confused.”

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